Why the hair Already Graying in Young Age?

The onset of gray hair at a young age can make people who experienced them restless. How does gray hair, as long as this identically with older people. Uban arising before the time it feared would make an appearance older than actual age.

There are many myths that associate the onset of gray hair at a young age, for example the decrease and increase in weight, use shampoos that does not fit, or intense physical training.

To find out which triggers black hair turned silvery, you need to understand first that graying due to damage cells called melanocytes in the base of the hair follicle. The cause could be due to diseases, environmental exposure or simply because of the age factor.

Aging experts from the Mayo Clinic, Dr. James Kirkland, says everyone can have gray hair throughout his life, but the balance is reduced at the age of 40 to 50 years, with the rate of change varies according to genetic, gender and ethnicity.

For example, blacks tend to be more gray than old people of Caucasian race. While Asians are in between the two races. In addition, women were faster than the graying men.

Factors such as genetics are also inseparable from the graying of hair. When one or both of your parents are greying faster, then you’ll tend to gray at a young age.

Smoking habit can also accelerate the onset of gray hair and white hair that appears too early is the sign of an autoimmune disease, thyroid disorders and heart.

“If you have heart disease and your hair is graying, it could be a sign of a worsening of the disease,” said Kirkland.

Dermatologists from the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Wilma Bergfeld said some people were detained in concentration camps during World War II and nutritional deficiencies also experience a premature grey hair.

“Everything is determined by pigment-producing cells health,” says Bergfeld. According to him, he doesn’t know anyone is graying due to weight loss or sports.

All activities that damage the hair, such as losing weight up to 20 kilograms or chemo treatments, more impact on hair loss rather than change its color. Unfortunately, until today there is no drug that is able to restore hair color.

In addition, it is also not yet clear whether the stress of weight will make a quick hair graying. Although Barrack Obama change as being President of the United States 44, but according to Krikland, there is no definite relationship between the graying with stress.

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