Pros and Cons of Cotton Canvas Fabric for a Diaper Bag

Jeep Perfect Pockets Duffle Diaper BagDiaper bag is needed, especially when having family trip or even just for walking around. It can be used to put the baby diaper and the other baby needs. Out of all the options of the bag based on its fabric, cotton canvas fabric can be one of the choices for best service. However, just like the other fabric and material, the cotton canvas fabric has some pros and cons.


  • Cotton Canvas Fabric is Lightweight

Unlike the genuine leather, cotton canvas fabric is more lightweight. It is very beneficial for the parents because it will not be too burdensome to carry on while taking care of the baby. So, even with carrying much stuff inside, travelling will stay enjoyable.

  • Easy Maintenance

Because it is made of cotton canvas, cleaning takes hand wash or spot rub only. It means getting it dirty isn’t a big deal. The cleaning will be easy which also indicates that maintenance options are also easy. You don’t need special storage to keep it too. This is an appropriate option for busy parents.

  • Cotton Canvas Can be Mixed with Other Material

Cotton canvas is strong enough to be combined with other materials from leather to protective feet below. The sewing won’t ripped and the fabric stays fit.  It explains why diaper bag made of this fabric often has advanced features and designs. Plus, it looks sophisticated with elaborated combination.


  • Cotton is Versatile Fabric Which Gets Dirty Easily

Stain is easily exposed on cotton canvas fabric. The color also easily turns into dull. However, don’t worry, because it is easy to clean the bag.

If you prefer lighter bag, the cotton canvas makes the best choice. Although it does not really stain-resistant, this fabric will make your diaper bag easy to clean.

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