Pretty Home Interior Design Ideas

Svtlana Nezus, the famous 3D artist has series of interior design ideas for you. She has created some home interior design ideas which are so inviting and pretty yet also realistic. Her designs consist of timeless elements as the decor such as gauzy curtains also tufted headboards. Having her design makes your house has a comfortable atmosphere; like the one you can find at your grandparents’ house but also modern and contemporary. The bedroom has a big headboard which gives the bed corner different look. The huge shelving system helps you to store any kind of things that you want to keep by yourself.

Let’s take a look at this modern kitchen on the home interior design ideas, it uses a narrow floor space but it also looks spacious; not a slight counters. The table which is placed on the center can also be used to store the kitchen necessity, prepare the dish, and after has it cleaned it can also be changed to be a breakfast area which is so comfortable. Go to the bedroom, it’s wall treatment which is made of bamboo gives a color dash but not decreasing the natural feeling of the room overall. This design is taken as an inspiration from the bonsai elements and the hardwood floors.

Check out the following  home interior design ideas as to dining room, which is so elegant and has some usages aside from the main function for having dinner; like the one we can have in another small space. You can have sofa on the fourth part of the dining table. By this, you can have more guests to be welcomed and also own a comfortable place to sit while you are on your own. The hue chosen for the dining chairs; deep purple, will give a modern touch while also make us remember of the classic style of French. So, let’s start to set your interior design!

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